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Official Intelligence and Machine Learning Center 

Posted on
January 4, 2024

The CorVita Science Foundation is excited to introduce its Official Intelligence and Machine Learning Center (OI-MLC). Machine Learning (ML), also referred to as Artificial Intelligence (AI), is not a new concept to medicine but an evolving one. 

For those who aren’t familiar to its application to medicine, AI or ML is able to scan through medical records and assist physicians in making more informed treatment options for their patients. Based on a patient’s medical history and how it compares to similarly diagnosed patients and treatment data, physicians will be able to better predict what tests to request, make more accurate diagnoses and formulate a more customized and effective care plan. There are several companies, including the more familiar IBM’s Watson, that are working on creating more predictive tools to also help improve patient outcomes and avoid unnecessary hospitalizations. 

CorVita Science Foundation in partnership with Boston Scientific is researching how the subcutaneous implantable cardioverter defibrillator (S-ICD) and the leadless cardiac pacemaker (LCP) can work together to prevent cardiac sudden death and reduce the re-operations rates over time. The research combines the LCP with the S-ICD through wireless conductive communication allowing the delivery of appropriately timed sensing and pacing by using the individuals strengths of both devices. This research has been preformed in animal studies with high success. To learn more click here. 

The Official Intelligence and Machine Learning Project stems from the research done in 2017 evaluating the S-ICD stored electrocardiographic data. The extension of this research will include data-basing 10,000 S-ICD events digital electrograms and adjudicating the events carefully and methodically. The project will include instruction on setting up adjudication methods, intellectual property, data repositories for digital data, contracting for data release, adjudication of electrogram evens. 

To read more about our Official Intelligence and Machine Learning Center, click here